Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Wild" Flowers in Chacalal

Chacala is bursting into bloom right now. The rainy season (late June thru yesterday) is almost over, and the eight month dry seasons is about to begin.For two of my four winters in Chacala there was a short rainy period ( a day or two I think) sometime during the winter. Otherwise, it's very dry, and not very humid late October thru late June.There are "wild" flowers everywhere. I doubt if some of them, or even most of them, are really "wild". But they grow all over, usually in dense patches. And what grows where changes over the weeks and years, so you never know what you will see this week.

I love the intense yellow blossoms all around town this week.It's really beautiful.Hillsides are covered with flowers.Banana's grow in places where it's unlikely they would have been planted there.I walk around town a lot, doing errands, visiting, and looking at what's new in the flower world. I feel so lucky to surrounded by an every changing palate of plants, shrubs, trees and vines.

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