Sunday, October 28, 2007

Papaya Trees in Chacala

The two papaya trees in front of the house where I live are growing really quickly. They bear fruit year around in Chacala, and all over in this part of Mexico. I don't know if that's normal or not. Mangoes only bear fruit May and June around here.
These two papaya trees grew from seeds threw in the dirt in front of the house. I don't know how the fruit tastes because I have never tasted one. I like the blossoms on the tree trunk, but I don't really care for papaya. Strange after-taste.
The larger tree was about chest high, a bearing fruit, a year ago. Now it's about 14 feet tall. Amazing. From my patio I can see the lines of the trees in fruit orchards on the hills just south of Chacala. The trees are mostly Guayaba or Mango. The part of Mexico, on the Pacific coast, a few hours north of Puerto Vallarta is agricultural country. Fruits of all kinds. Vegetables. Corn. Tobacco, Cattle, pigs, turkeys, etc etc etc.

It's nice living in farming country.Lots of good food.

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Kathryn Hall said...

OMG, you MUST eat the papaya!!! You put lime
juice on it. It's VERY good for digestion. My fav.
is to put it in a smoothie ("liquado") with orange
juice, coconut and some yogurt. It's DELICIOUS.
It's probably my favorite food. Kathryn Hall