Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Waking Around Chacala

Few people know the moon is a giant cantaloupe,
but photos don't lie, right?
I walked over to a friend's place yesterday, on the paved road for a block or so, and then on a little short-cut path. I am always amazed at how many things are growing around here. On there own, more or less. The Chickens are always around, fertilizing and bug picking. And various rodents, snakes, and small animals are everywhere. There is lots of vegetation providing cover and homes for these animals and for birds too. Except for the area where a developer has removed every bit of vegetations. leaving only boulders.
These dying clusters of little vines have the cutest little squash-looking fruits on them.
Maybe two inches acrosss.And these woody seed pods are so orderly. I love the little spaces, grooves.This tree with a Strangler Fig growing up it's trunk may live like that for a long time. I love being able to walk down the stairs behind my place and to be in the woods immediately. With birds singings and iguanas sunning themelves, and all forms of life crawling around. Some varmints and all kinds of animals make there homes within 50 feet of my home. I love it.

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No Rain said...

I love seeing all the new and unusual plants that you feature on your blog. What zone would Chacala fall into compared to the USDA Climate Zones?