Thursday, October 25, 2007

Morning Glories All over Chacala

Chacala is covered with flowering, blossoming plants this time of year. Especially morning Glories. Or, at least that's what I call them. Or maybe Opeoma, but I not sure about the names of these plants. They can be vines, shrubs, or trees. And they come in different colors.There are very invasive and aggressive. They cover phone poles, buildings, or shrubs. They grow on roadsides, fields, buildings, everywhere.I don't understand much about the succession of plants growing in the wild. I know some plants are the first to grow in newly disturbed soil.I would like to know more about what plants like to grow together naturally. I have so many questions about plants in a year-around growing climate.I know people in Chacala see the ever-encroaching vegetation as a problem. And it is. A building can become buried in vegetation in less that a year. I guess I will just keep watching and listening.

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