Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bouganvilleas Gone Wild, in Chacala

I planted this Bouganvillea late last March I think. It was a one-gallon plant. 1.80US.
It's now about 10 feet tall, and growing about six inches a day.
And it has it's first blossoms. I never really noticed bouganvilleas until starting living here. I know they grow in Los Angeles, where was a child. And they plant them at most resorts in Mexico. Huatulco north. So I know I have seen the vines/plants, and adminred them. But I don't thing I ralized I could actually grow them until I had lived here for awhile.

I didn't have a clue about how tough they are, and how fast growing. You can whack the plant down to a three foot stub with a machete, and a month later it's heaving for the roof again.
Lovely plants, with big sharp thorns. At least the plants around here have big thorns.

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LostRoses said...

I always look forward to seeing bouganvilleas when we come to Mexico, Andee. I think all the resorts know that about us tourists and make sure they plant lots of them. Yours is really coming right along, isn't it?