Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Garden" Paths Around Chacala

It's a perfectly lovely, sunny day in Chacala. And so, of course, I have been sitting inside, reading a blog that's new to me. It's called Gardening Gone Wild ( It's a group blog, including one of my favorite garden photographs Saxon Holt.

The blog is having a monthly opportunity to show garden photos on various themes. November's theme is "Garden Paths".

My garden paths aren't particularly photograph-able at the moment. One skirts a small swamp created an over-full septic tank, and the other was just blocked by my neighbor doing "cleaning". Which is using a machete to chop down and gather un-wanted vegetation. The plant material is burned a few weeks later, whenever it dries out enought to burn. But right now the pile is blocking the path to the neighbors. It wasn't deliberate, just a handy clearing to pile brush in.

So instead, I am going to post two photos of local paths. One natural, the other human-made.
This is the path Chacala residents use to go down thru a little draw/arroyo that divides the town. The first four years I lived here it was a trail, not a path. It required careful negotiation in the daytime and was difficult at night. Then about two months ago someone doing the construction job on the east side (my side) of the gully used his bobcat to clear the rocks/boulders away. Slightly. At first I was annoyed. I don't do well with change. Any change. But over time I got used ot the new smooth, walkable without hanging onto the rocks, path. And love it.This path wanders thru Majahua, a lovely, very small resort (five units, gourmet restaurant, and spa) at the south end of the beach in Chacals. The entire resort is gently set down in the jungle right above the ocean. You can't see one part of the resort from any other part. It's very beautiful. and all the planting are natural growth. The only imported plants are in pots.
It's very lovely.

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