Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Trip Thru My Chacala Garden

The stores in Chacala, and all over Mexico, are filled with hand-made flowers this week. Families are preparing for the two Days of the Dead. One to honor adults and the other two honor children. They make wreaths from these flowers. And take them to the cemetery, or set them in a place of honor at home.

Chacala, and all of Mexico, returned to Standard time this morning. It was lovely to wake up at 6:20am and to find the sun shining in the window onto my pillow.

I got downstairs, to my garden space, awhile later. We haven't had any rain for a couple of weeks, and everything is blossoming out. I don't expect rain again until late June. Of course, you never know about rain. The humidity has dropped too.

It's a sunny, breezy, lovely Sunday morning. And I am happy with my garden.My landlady came up this morning. She knew I had some large pieces of oilcloth I wasn't using and she needed them for something. She told me she was buying paint for the house this week. We talked over colors, but it's really her decision. And since I don't have total control of the color choice, I don't much care. Fresh paint will be nice though.

The little archway I formed over the sidewalk is growing quickly. About three months ago I tied two tall morning glory tree stalks together over the sidewalk. And then twisted and tied vines onto the arch. One from each side. The right side is a jasmine vine, and the left side is a fast growing vine with small purple, trumpet shaped blossoms. I don't know what it's called, and it's not in my books. When in blossoms again, I'll take a photo. Someone will know what it is.

It's hard to see the jasmine because the Ixora, with the red blossoms is in front. On the right.

I love living upstairs. The view is great, and I usually get a nice breeze. But I have to go down the stairs (which are behind the house) to garden. And sometimes that's annoying. I don't want to have pots of plants on my patio, because they seem to draw scorpions. They like being under the pottery pots. I think.The pepper plants continue to produce. People pop some off most days, and the peppers keep on coming.And the yellow Lantana bush is growing really quickly.It's been in the ground since April. Started out in a gallon can, and now it's about 3x6 feet, maybe bigger.

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LostRoses said...

I love that archway you made, Andee. Isn't it amazing how a few "human touches" can help along even lush vegetation? Great photos!