Friday, July 13, 2007

My Chacala Garden, Now and Then

I just took some photos of my Chacala garden. I thought I would post photos of my little garden taken mid-March, mid-May, and today. Sort of comparison shots. Things grow fast here, especially now that we are in the rainy season.

(Later) I just realized I mixed the photos from the three dates all together and it's too much touble to sort things out. I am just going to publish them all together. I don't feel like fooling around with them. And it's not that interesting anyway.A plant Sheri Merciaro and Nicole gave me is growing really fast. It's a succulent that my books calls an "Elephant" something. It grows really fast and I have taken maybe 20 cutting off it for other people. It's really different looking. Bad photos. Can't really see the plannt. It's in the lower right.

The little hillside is filling in quickly. I gave up on finishing the wall when my landlady's husband took the fifty large rocks rock I had carried in my hand. He used them to built a diversion wall to direct all this summer's rain water directly unto the foundation of the house. Sometimes I can't believe what people do around here.

I'm not sure this is a really a garden. It's really four planting beds tucked unto a hillside and some flat spots in front of the house. It's full of whatever plants I can start from cuttings or seeds.And plants people give me or I buy at the nurseries. Although it's been months since I bought a plant.

All the plants are mixed together. Water-lovers, succulents, cacti, vines, shrubs, etc. I guess I am experimenting. Or too lazy to make a plan of some kind.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Some Flowers Around Chacala

I don't seem to be in the mood to write about gardening right now. But I have been taking photos.This is definitely the rainy season. It started about the 22nd of June and we've had some pretty good storms for far. The power has been out three times already.Last night the lightning and thunder was really wild. Scary and loud. Right overhead. Lots and lots of water. Roof leaked in two places. The patio and my laundry was soaking wet.The town water has been off for 6 days and my tinaco on the roof has been empty for four days. It's kind of a pain.With all the rain, I don't have to water to my plants. Which is fortunate with the town water being off.
I have been transplanting everything out of buckets into the my little garden areas. Still learning about gardening here.

Pulled out my dead little palm. It's dead because my landlord's husband likes to break plants off when he is enebriated. Which is often. He kept breaking off the new central shoot, until the plant finally just gave up. Oh well.