Thursday, September 06, 2007

Succulents, in the Chacala Rainy Season

Here are some more photos of the succulent plants out in the "garden". Everything seems to be doing okay. We have had an amazing amount of rain. The rainy season starts about June 22, but it only rains two or three nights a week until mid-August (as least for the past four summers). And then it starts raining most nights and some late afternoons. And there are five or so days in a row of overcast, no sun. Not the best weather for succulents but things seem to be okay for now.
The aloes are sending up babies all over the place.
And the Adenium Obesum went thru about six weeks of no blossoms and dropping leaves. But they all have new l eaves now, and even a few blossoms are forming. They are my favorite plant and I can't wait for the flowers to start coming again.

I don't know the name of this little cactus, but it's a very vigorous grower. This plant came from a broken off piece of another plant, in April or May.

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Julie said...

Beautiful photos! I love your blue shallow dish full of succulents!