Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hot and Humid, Gardening in Chacala

These plants are flowering all over Chacala right now. I think they are the not-Bird of Paradise plant, whose name I can't remember. But I'm not sure about that. We are still smack in the middle of the intense part of the rainy season in Chacala. Rain, thunder and lightning most times, and very hot and humid days. There's almost always a breeze during the day though, so it's pretty nice in the shade.My patio catches the sea breezes, and I love sitting out there.

I just got a wireless internet connection at home, yesterday. HOORAH!!!! First time in Chacala. Now I will be able to look at all the gardening blogs and websites. We are having a burst of Hibiscus blooms this week around Chacala. Many of the Hibiscus plants were killed by the government plant inspectors this past six months. They are trying to eradicate a plant disease that has infested Nayarit and Jalisco. It has a name similar to the fungus-looking stuff that is used to make a red dye. Cochinillea maybe. But some of the plants survived repeated spraying and extreme and repeated pruning and are looking wonderful. These colorful little portulaca plants are real eye catchers, and many people around Chacala want cuttings. Some ask and some just take, and either is fine. There are lots of plants, and they grow quickly.

However, some of my favorite succulents have disappeared. I don't know if they just melted in the sun, rain, and humidity, or if some busy fingers removed them. Whatever.
Last week I got to share some of the plants that a lovely couple had to leave beyond after they decided not to return to Chacala. This sweet little palm is in foster care at Aurora's until I figure out how to levitate up into my garden.
My neighbor,Aurora have planted some vines to partially cover her lovely bodega building. I added some yellow vines from the same family last month. I think the vines will soon cover the south (shaded by a fruit tree) wall of the building and it will look lovely.
This palm-in-a-pot is really large for the pot. It burst thru the walls of it's previous, smaller, pot, and it looks like it's going to do it again. I love the life force in seeds and plants and vies and trees. They just want to GROW!!!

This plant (below) is popping up in pots all over Chacala. Apparently they are selling it at the nursery in La Penita. No one seems to know it's name. Or if it will blossom again.Time with tell.


Nicole said...

Lovely flowers, esp the hibiscus. You seem to have the same plants as me! Its awful that people steal your plants-but flattering in a way as a a gardener... Your first flower is a heliconia,and the vine is allamanda

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Beautiful tropical flowers, I love visiting the tropical zone gardens, they look so different than my zone 4 garden.