Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Making a "Comment"? or Selling?

I got a perfectly nice "Comment" for this blog today. As follows (with the book's title deleted):

How do you have a beautiful yellow rose in such a humid enviroment? My roses have yellow spot and I have been blaming the humidity but I may have to look at another culprit. I Love the zinnias and wish mine would reseed, but they become choked by the grass. I am encouraging all of my gardening friends to read my book "..........". Check it out at Amazon.com it is humorous account of a gardener tryin to create the perfect flower garden. Your pictures are great. Enjoy nature and enjoy life.

But the writer's efforts to advertise her book kind of offended me. It seems like a misuse of the "Comment" concept to me.

I would have written the "Comments" auther directly to complain, but it was posted anonymously. Well, with writer's name but no email address.

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