Friday, September 28, 2007

By the Side of the Chacala Road

Yesterday I left Chacala, via collectivo, for a few hours. I had some errands to do in La Penita. That's a nearby town that happens to be located near two nurseries. Plus their tianguis (Thursday Street Market) often has plant sellers.
But I just went to the bank and both nurseries, hoping for some succulents, or whatever. I ended up with only a nice new Desert Rose (. It's big enough to harvest right now for some cuttings. This plant is a fvorite around Chacala, so I like to have to to share.

I also took some photos of blossoms at the nursery near the Pemex station. It's slightly most expensive (still cheap) but they often have some unusaly plants. Not this time though.
But on the way I had to wait for taxi/collectivos bys the side of the road, and was bored. So I took a few photos of wild things.

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