Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chacala Flowers in the Rainy Season

The plananitos are blossoming all over Chacala. Everyone has some growing around their place.. Wild and cultivated. Very pretty. This one is in front of Mirador, which has lovely gardens on their hillside. It's fun trying to grow plants here in Chacala, even during the rainy season. It's considered semi-tropical here, never below about 62 degrees, and very rarely over 93 degrees. Very humid for the six months of summer, and perfect during the winter. Perfect for plants too. Low 80's and sunny all the time.

This little plant stand is outside the door of one of Concha's rentals. I like these twisty wooden plant stands.
My Desert Rose and Oleander plants, waiting to go in the dirt.

The two following plants, the Hibiscus and the ?Plumeria? are growing at my neighbors, next door. I gave her the Hibiscus, grown from a cutting, and it's looking good. It hasn't been infected with the Conchinillia (?) disease that has spread throughout Jalisco and Nayarit states.

It's still raining everyday. Pouring rain all night, with lots of thunder and lightning. But it started out sunny and bright this morning. so maybe the overcast, cloudy days (since the middle of August) are over for this raining season. It will probably rain at night for another month.

The weeds are still growing like crazy, but so are most of the plants.
An odd thing happened yesterday. As I have been clearing out the abundant weeds from my little garden patches I noticed some of my favorite succulents are gone. I assumed they rotted in this rainy seather. But yesterday I was walking along and noticed a house with some new plants in cans, out front. Guess what, I am pretty sure they are my missing plants.
The woman came out when she noticed me, and we introduced ourselves. She is new in town. I said "I really like those plant. I have some like them. I was wondering how they would do in the rainy weather". And I pointed out where I live. And she looked really funny, and I went on my way. I hope those weren't my plants. But if they were, I hope she doesn't return. Or asks first. I like sharing plants. But by my choice.

This is the walkway along the oceanfront, from the big Chacala beach, to the dinghy bach and the disherman dock. It's called the Malecon, and two of the nicest rentals in Chacala are above the Malecon. Mirador and Villa Celeste are both right aboce the oceanfront, with lovely gardens.

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LostRoses said...

Kind of funny finding the culprit of the missing plants, Andee. I'm amazed when I read about people "helping themselves" in someone else's garden. Some other bloggers have posted about that happening to them too.