Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chacala and the Birds

Birds seems to be especially valued in Chacala. Maybe it’s because the air filled with birds. All kinds of birds fly through the sky here. Even pelicans and big black vultures. And beautiful little green parrots, who fly thru the air in coveys/herds/clumps of hundreds. It’s an amazing sight.Most people seem to have some kind of bird in their lives. Cages filled with little canaries and other colorful birds are hung on the patios of many homes. Larger cages with doves, Palomas, are common. And colorful little birds are everywhere.
People walk around work and home with a colorful little bird on their shoulder.
And fighting roosters are in cages around many homes. Something to avoid when you are looking for a vacation rental. And hens and chickens run around every where. Dogs and cats ignore them. The ones that can’t stay away from chickens are usually poisoned or disappeared in their youth. I have seen a little line of baby chicks, following their Mom, hop right across a dog sleeping in the sun. Without a peep or a glance from the dog. Lots of peeps from the chicks though.
It’s not uncommon to see someone with a bird perched on their shoulder, as they work. Or visit, or go walking. This woman has a pina stand on the beach. Her little “Talon” is right there with her, keeping at eye on things. And the fellow who works at one of the tourist shops has “Magico” perched on his shoulder.ers showers with agua dulce (meaning not salt water) and toilets for rent. (add photo)

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