Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Little Blossoms of Chacala

It's still raining every night in Chacala. And it's still really "humido". It's 11am and I am sitting at a nice table at Majahua, my favorite Chacala spot. I am dripping with sweat, but luckily it's a little breezy, so it's sort of cooling.I am going to skip the gardening stuff today, and talk about how nice it is to live in a town with lots of kids. Every age of kids. And almost all of them are free to roam around town and have kid-adventures.The bigger kids, maybe 10 and up, take care of the little ones. And mostly work in their family's business. A restaurant or tienda, or deposito, or rentals or whatever.They seem to be very willing and able to take care of thir siblings in a loving way. Itdoesn't seem as though kids resent taking care of thirr little siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews.
And most kids make do with very few "toys". They make toys and cgames out of anything. This mud hole is in front of the primary school. There always seems to be leak in the water line right uphill from this spot. Her Mom is working in the schoolyard, doing a big cleanup, and her sister is watching her.
This boy is the younger brother of the girl working in Angeles's tienda near the church. He helps out when needed, and quietly watches what's going on. When some other boys show up he is ready to play.
Gilberto is a ball of evergy, always running around, doing whatever. He's the youngest of six, four brother's and a sister, and he roams freely everywhere. Here he is swinging onthe
primary school gate. He loves to pose for the camera.
These little guys posed for me all over the parking area at Las Brisas. From one plant filled planter to the next. The boy on the right is one of my favorites around Chacala. His single Dad is a fisherman. His grandmother and two Aunts help out alot, and he has 3 boy cousins the same age, so he has a pretty full ife.
There are three new, least than two months, babies in town right now. I expecially notice Angelica, who is Guadalupe's little sister. Guadalupe is almost three. It's been amazing to watch her response to having a baby sister. I don't see jealousy (althought it might be there).
What I see is Guadalupe aligning heerself with the women and bigger girls. She stepped irght up to being the "big" sister without a pause. It's very sweet to she her trudding up the road near my house. Her mom carrying the baby, and Guadalupe carrying the bag with their supplies. Usually the bag is almost, but not quite, dragging on the ground as she marches along.I feel so lucky to know so many kid around town. I love it when they call out my name or come running up to me. I don't have grandchildren, and don't mind that at all, but I am glad I get to be around babies and little kids. Every \day.

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LostRoses said...

I agree with your sentiments, Andee. It's wonderful to see the children playing and helping and just being kids. With my children grown, I love hearing the sounds of the neighborhood kids at play. Those are some great photos!