Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thinking About Gardening in Chacala

I just started reading a book a friend of mine here in Chacala lent to me. It's called (to be add ed later).... and I am loving it, so far.The woman in the autobiography has moved to a part of Canada she hasn't lived in, or even seen, before. She has of time to explore her new environment and to feel nature. Away from other people, and in what seems at first to be a very bare and hostile, semi-arid environment.

It's hard to explain why I am so drawn to her story. Except that I too am in a strange land, and many times I feel alone, although I am not really. Well, I walk alot, where no one else seems to walk, so I have many times when it is just me and the sun and the wind and the birds and animals, and reptiles and insects. If I sit still for just a few minutes, I think nature forgets I am a foreiger, and life goes on around me. Birds talked to each other, small animals moving around, the breezes blowing first one way, then the other. I love it. Especially just after dawn. Everything is waking up then.

Anyway. It is reassuring to read about someone elses's struggle to feel comfortable in a new place, filled with unfamiliar plants and trees and birds. With new and different names. I feel luck to be here, to have a chance to see a new world, but sometimes it's hard. I guess that's why I like the book. It's hard for this woman to make her new life,and she just keeps going at it. Of course, I have only read two chapters, so who knows what's next.

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