Friday, April 06, 2007

Gardening During Semana Santa

I have been working on my new little bitty garden, but Chacala is sort of crazy during the Palm Sunday-Easter period, and I have been kind of distracted. There are endless annoying problems with the renters downstairs not believing that they have to be careful with flushing the toilet, so we spend alot of time without water. If you don't carefully check the toilet, the water resevoir is drained quickly.

Luckily, the town is keeping the water on twelve hours a day, as of yesterday, so things should be better.

I finished arranged by second garden bed, and then realized I will have to re-build it because the water drainage on the north side of the house is a river during the rainy season. But it's fixable, I just wasn't thinking, or looking uphill, when I was laying out the rocks. Tomorrow I will fix it. And add some photos.


LostRoses said...

I've seen pictures of Mexican coastal towns during Semana Santa, and I hope you keep your sanity. So many people, such a hubbub! Have fun with your new garden beg.

Hayden said...

that is lovely, is it plumeria?