Monday, April 23, 2007

ALERT: Sidebar/Archives

I just realized that when this blog is viewed on Internet Explorer the sidebar with all the Archives, etc are dropped to the bottom of the bag.

Since I write this on a Mac I Book, I didn't realize what was happening, and haven't figured out how to fix it. But the archives ARE down at the bottom of the first page if you are viewing this thru Internet Explorer.

I will fix it as soon as I figure out how to do it.

Thanks, Andee


Griefcase said...

I love reading your posts and viewing pictures of your garden. Your writes make Chacala sound delicious!

Thank you.

Linda Della Donna

Sue Swift said...

Don't know why your sidebar has dropped - I use the same template for one of my sites and don't have the same problem. Have a look at your template - are the sections in the right position there? They should be on the right of the "Blog Posts" box, not underneath it. If they're wrong try moving them up -click and drag each box.
I love the colours of the plants in your photos incidentally.