Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fooling Around in My Little Chacala Gardens

This is a Desert Rose, Adenium Obesium. Someone asked in a Comment.
It's been hard to garden much this week, what with water problems caused by an idiot who doesn't understand how toilets work, and garbage everywhere. But things are looking okay. I am still working at making shade from my plants, even the succulents.Fred, of Meciari Designs, in Oakland CA, was over yesterday morning. He was collecting some succulent cuttings for Aurora's garden. I will keep an eye on them after he leaves in a few days. Aurora's garden spots are looking great.

This is my second little garden area, plus the little nursery. I am getting ready to start a new batch of cuttings and starts, as soon as things calm down around here.
After I finished the first verson of this bed I realized I hadn't taken drainage from the hillside above this space into account. Well, I did do some drainage stuff, but not enough, so I changed things around some. I will have to wait for deluge this summer to see if I have enough drainage for rainstorms.

An friend of mine, M, is in town for awhile, and we have been talking plants. She has a lovely little garden started at her place, and we might go nursery shopping next week. I hope so. She is an artist, a real artist, and she pointed out some things to me about balancing the color in the different areas of the garden. So I am trying to look at what I have planted with an eye to the color.The plant on the right is a BLANK. It's on the tip of my tongue. It's organgy colored and i am tryint to sneak it in next to a Desert Rose. And above the Desert Rose, on the next level is a large BLANK, which my landlady has nurtured for two years. It's very large and covered iwth blossoms all the time. There is so much to learn. My next garden spot here will require some cleaning of weeds and digging, so I am thinking carefully about it before I start the actual labor.

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