Monday, April 30, 2007

Garden Garden

I purchased this oleander at the vivero about a month ago. It didn't seem to like being transplanted. Or maybe it didn't like the spot I picked for it, near the papaya tree. It lost all it's blossoms quickly, and I thought it might be dying. But it suddenly perked up a few days ago, and burst into bloom. With two lovely blossoms. We had a big oleander bush at the house I grew up in the Los Angeles, and seeing one always reminds me of playing in the yard of our home.

This lovely vine is called Copa de Ora according to Chacaleans ,and Allamande(sp?) according to my PV plant book. It's located right below my patio, where I throw my non-soapy dish and clothes washing water. I aim for the vine and it's growing like crazy. Last week I buried six of the stems in the dirt, without separating them from the plant. I am hoping they will root and that I will be able to transplant them.

This is one of the buried stems. Above.
I love the plant. I make cuttings all the time, and end up giving them away about as fast I grow them. They really catch people's eye.
There of three of the scrubby looking trees right around the house. This one is to the south of my patio. This photo is taken from on my patio. There is another one of the west, ocean, side, and one around the back. Or two maybe. I think the blossoms have a very nice fragrance, but they are all too far away to smell. Esparanza, my beach lady, has one of these trees at the entrance to her pay toilets/showers, and it smells wonderful.


Kati said...

Hi, back to visit your blog again, I was struck by your thought a few posts back on learning to feel at home in a new environment. I am contemplating doing the same in Ethiopia and the loneliness without knowing the language is intimidating. I admire you very much!

Brenda said...

Hi, can you tell me how you start the bouganvilleas? I tried with tip cuttings and none took. What do you do? I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Hayden said...

that vine is really beautiful! Love the shiny leaves...