Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Plants I am Taking Cuttings From and WAVES, In Chacala

Hibiscus and Ixora
Two different bougainvilleas
A few days ago I mentioned which plants I am taking cutting from. Here at the photos. Nothing special.Chacala is having some strange waves the last few days. The fishing boats (launchas) all had to be moved away from the little muelle, fishing harbor, just north of the main Chacala Beach, because the waves were crashing the boats into the rocks. People camping on the beach were digging moats around there cames. Very fun to watch, but kind of scary. No one seems to know why these waves are coming in. No big storms. Yesterday some fisherman had to rescue some swimmers who were being dragged out to sea.I don't suppposed most gardeners are interested in the ocean, but I couldn't resist posting these photos.


LostRoses said...

Wow, those waves are impressive! I'd heard about them and found some explanation which I've quoted below:

The unusual waves may be the result of swells generated last week by a powerful storm thousands of kilometres away off the western coast of South America, said US National Weather
"It was a very impressive storm, and that storm, of course, is long dissipated," Feltgen said. "However the swells from that wave action would have been going out, and it generally takes about a week's time to get from there to the Mexican, El Salvador or Costa Rican coast."

Sonja said...

Wie schön alles. Ich wünsche eine schöne Tag grüße aus Stuttgart/Germany...