Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Walking in Parque Benito Juarez, in SMA

This afternoon I went for a long walk, and visited several Jardins and a church, and my new favorite pizza place, in "my" Colonia, San Antonio. The churchyard and the Parque Benito Juarez were the most interesting to me. The churchyard had a little special cross garden. That is, a cross was in the center. I think there were four heavily pruned Agave plants of some kind at each corner of the little garden. I liked it. There was something going on in the church and I didn't go in. Somehow I took the photo so that you can't see the Cross. A simple slip of my brain I guess.
I got totally lost and disoriented walking from San Antonio's Church to the Parque, and somehow missed one of the parks as I was looking for. I am still disoriented about directions here. The sun seemed to be going going in the east, so I KNOW I am still confused. Unless the world has changed more than I thought.

As I was studing my "world's worse map of SMA", leaning over a car hood, a woman called to me, asking if I knew where some street was. She was a Mexican tourist, and I showed her my map. After some intense map perusal, we walked off in different directions, thinking we knew where we were going. But I didn't know what I was until I finally ended up on a street I recognized. So it worked out, and I didn't really walk that far out of the way.

There is a long brick wall along one side of the street as you walk a couple blocks up a dead-end street (I think) to the entrance to the Parque.
There were very large, very old, plants along the street-side, with succulents mostly, in each planter.The entrance to the park looked promising, it seemed very large, with an uphill slope, and
lots of shade, plants, and trees.
The park at least three fountains maybe more. They all seemed to be romantic spots for couples, who seemed to be located one couple to a fountain. This was my favorite.
There were lots of plants, especially Cannas, interspursed among the trees. I didn't need my umbrella at all. This is another tender plant I used to grow as an annual in Zone 5, but I can't remember it's name. By a very strange coincidence, an email friend whom I have never met, Beverly, wrote me an email this afternoon, which I opened right before I left for my walk. She said to be sure to go to the Parque B. Juarez, and especially to find the clothes washing area. Of course, she couldn't have known that's where I was headed. The Parque, I mean. I had never read about the washing area, and I never would have found it if she hadn't of mentioned it. A very nice spot.I walked home, and of course, the pizza place, El Capricho Italiano, corner of 20 de Enero and Orizaba, in Colonia San Antonio, was right on the way. Thanks goodness. I was ready to eat.

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Anonymous said...

The second plant (succulent) that you bought at the nursery in San Miguel A. looks like a species of Aloe. You also show a picture of Aloe barbadensis (synonym Aloe vera), at the base of a large tree (this aloe is yellow-flowering). If it is, they're very easy to divide and continually reproduce (at least here in Yucatan).

The "tender" plant that you couldn't remember the name of looks to me like a species of Alocasia (elephant ear).