Thursday, September 28, 2006

Part 3: Viveros in San Miguel de Allende

Today I went back to the first nursery I visited in SMA. It doesn't seem to have a name, but it's across the parking lot from Gigante. I went back because I had seen a succulent there I really wanted. But it cost more than I wanted to pay. 60 pesos. But, I haven't seen it at the others nurseries I checked out this week. So, I came back, and took some photos. And got that plant I liked.And another succulent. This plant has about 25 plants growing in the pots. I ended up paying 100 pesos for both plants. And the nursery guy reluctantly allowed me to photograph him. I think the look on his face is an expression of his annoyance at the price.I will add the names later, when I am near my books, unless someone wants to tell me what the names are.
This truck was being loaded by El Jefe's workers for a delivery somewhere.This nursery was much more temporary and informal looking that the second one I went to. It does have some shade shelters. The water is stored in a tinacho/tank set on a rickety-looking tower. Nice plants though, and alot of variety.

This nursery has a big supply of plain terra cotta pots. No decorated or painted ones. And I haven't noticed an plastic pots in San Miguel, but maybe they sell them somewhere else, or....


Anonymous said...

Daer Gardener in Mexico,
I am also a recent transplant to Mexican soil - San Miguel - and want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Glad you like our town. I am not a gardener, but love your attitude toward plants, people, Mexico. Best wishes to you.
Another Seeker.

Anonymous said...

I would kill for some of those clay pots!

Rosebud said...

Hi! I am moving to SM. Concerned about plant availability for roses, esp. bare root, dahlias, etc. Can't find any online sources. Any advice? Thanks! Rosebud