Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chacala Garden Tour: at Chata and Isreal's

This morning, in preparation for my upcoming trip to the border, and San Miguel de Allende, I had a few errands to do around Chacala. First, I went by Berta's, to give her a house key, and to talk about the plants and so on. Her garden is looking very garden-y. It's the most like U.S/Canadina gardens than any other local person's house in Chacala.

Chiquita, wonderdog of Chacala, was visiting at Berta's. It turned out she accompanied me (without me realizing it) to my next stop: Villa Celeste. This is a new construction project in Chacala, and I am taking some photos of it.

And, then since I was right next door, I checked out the blossoms at Chata's. She has a plant , maybe a Ixora ( I. chenensis), which has a heavily blossoming purple vine (Allamanda Blanchetti?) vine wrapped around it. Very nice.
Chata is a stay-at-home wife who manages the family's rental six rental units, Mirador, while her husband seems to wear many hats. His main job seems to be serving as a gardener in the local gated development at the north edge of Chacala. Four of their adult children live at their home. The married son, his wife, and their little boy, have built a nice house for themselves across the driveway.

Chata is a very serious gardener, and her place always looks nice. She always seems to have lots of baby plants starting and things are always blossoming. The The construction next door has been problematic for the plants between the two lots, but I imagine they will recover rapidly. I hope so.

Then, on the way home, I stopped by Socorro's to take photos of her rental unit. I put the photos on My Life in Chacala, this morning, so that a woman who is interested in renting can see what Socorro's looks like. Socorro's is the best bargain in town, for my money. Nightly rent is 150 pesos (under $15), and if you are staying more than a month, it's $700/750 pesos a week
(about $64-68USD). Although I imagine the rents will go up soon, because it's a really great place for the price.


Robert Brinkmann said...

Great plants!

Deborah Midkiff said...

I am so pleased that you now have a camera to share all of your beautiful flowers with us!