Saturday, September 23, 2006

Gardens in San Miguel de Allende, Not Chacala

I arrived in San Miguel de Allende this very early morning. I left my rolling suitcase at the baggage check at the bus terminal, and took a bus several miles into town. Today is San Miguel's version of the running of the bulls in Paploma.... or whatever it is, in Spain. Thousands of excited young men were walking to the The Jardin, the central plaza. Accompanied by their adoring girlfriends. Everyone was wearing white shirts and red bandannas. The streets were all block off for the event and it was pretty exciting. I sat on the Plaza in front of the Cathredral (?) de Salud and watched the crowds gathering.
I had lunch at a nice little restaurant tucked back in a courtyard. I didn't like the food, but the ambience was great. Only problem I left my Lonely Planet booklet there. So I don't know the names of the places I have seen today or yesterday.

One wall of the courtyard has a fountain and lots of flower pots hanging from the walls. And then took the bus back to the bus terminal. The taxi driver offered half price if I shared the taxi with someone.So I did, and was dropped off where I am staying. I had a little card in my pocket with the address of this house on it, and the driver took me right where I was supposed to go.

Which is a wonderful home. I am so happy to be staying here. The owner is also a gardener and tomorrow I will take some photos. There are two garden areas here. One downstairs, in the walled front yard, and the other is upstairs off the guest room. There is also another patio, upstairs, but I haven't looked ot see if there are plants on it. She has succulents!!! Yeah. Plus, I counted three plant nurseries, viveros, on the way into town, and one is right in this neighborhood.
This is Nemi, the gardener here. I didn't know he was here until the dog started barking and bouncing around. I let him out into the courtyard and he ran to the front gate. There's a little peek hole, so I opened it, and a man was standing there.

When I had walked down to the tienda, a few hours ago, there were a number of happily drunk people on the street, so I assumed he was one of them, and that he was just standing around the gate. But he asked for the owner by name. Then it clicked he was the gardener, Nemi. I understand from the owners' written directions, that he kind of shows up when his schedule allows. So we introduced ourselves and he got to work.

And then he let me take some photos of him. I have only taken (successful?) photos of men and children the last two days. I wonder if that means something. I don't think so.

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