Friday, September 01, 2006

Juan, a Big Disappointment, Thank God/Goddess

Hurricane Juan slowed down and moved out to sea yesterday, just before it was supposed to hit Chacala, so no problema. It's dreary and overcast, but that's okay. It's still hot and muggy.

A big adrenaline rush without the bother of cleaning up mud and debris. Just had to move allthe lants and miscellaneous objects back into place. And to unpack our emergency bags. Not bad.

Here are some of practice photos. I am slowly learning how to use this wonderful camera. It's called a Canon Supershot 620 with 2 gigs (?) of memory and lots of extra rechargable batteries, so I am really lucky and happy.

This is Wendy, Henia's daughter, and granddaughter of Esparanza.
She is named after
fast-food restaurant. Just kidding

I'm teaching this little guy to do push-ups
Coral Vine


LostRoses said...

Oh wow, I love your pictures! You either got a great digital or you're a natural. Your plants look so great in their pots color-coordinated with the wall. And I'm glad you put them up next to the house with the threat of Juan, better to be safe. You'd hate to lose them after all the time you've spent on them. So now you get to haul them all out again!

La Gringa said...

Your pictures look fabulous! I know you are going to love that camera.

OldRoses said...

So glad the storm missed you. Great photos! How are you enjoying the new camera?

Deborah Midkiff said...

Wonderful photos! How fortunate you are that your son is there to help you with this "almost" storm. I am so glad that it missed you!