Tuesday, September 26, 2006

News Alert #2: Book Club for Garden Bloggers

A garden blogger, May Dream Gardens, who posts on Garden Voices , http://voices.gardenweb.com has suggested a book club for garden bloggers. If you are interested, you can read her post and the comments at her blog. I think you don't actually have to have a garden blog, you can just comment on other people's blogs.

She though up the idea for garden bloggers in order to give them a topic to write about in their winter down-time. Of course, living in zone 11, I don't really have that problem of no outside garden to garden in for months at a time. But I really like the idea of a book club via the internet.
I miss having easy access to gardening books and magazines. And garden clubs too.

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Carol said...

Thanks for the nice plug. I hope we can have a few books that you have access to (even though you'll be busy in zone 11! Do you have some in your library already that we should consider?