Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lazy Day in San Miguel

The mural at the Institute Allende, about six blocks away f from "home"
After five days of traveling to and touristing around San Miguel, I decided to take a break and hang around the house today, at least until later in the afternoon. The homeowner here is has a stack of current "New Yorker" magazines, and I am planning to lie around and read them this morning. I was deciding just where to lie around when I remembered this house has a roof patio. A big one. With a covered patio and a couch. And potted plants, and a view. So when up there with my faithful companion, the house dog, and we settled in up there.
There are a number of schoolmate in pots up on the roof, and several Bouganvilleas, and what I think is an Oleander with a white/yellow center blossom. But it might be something else. It's a very nice space, sunny, with shade for relaxing in.
And then I started noticing the view of San Miguel from the patio on the roof. It's a lovely town, and having a view of the Centro district, with the Cathredral and other churches standing tall, is really a gift. A number of roofs are connected in this neighborhood, and you can walk from roof to roof, which is what I did to take these photos.
La Parroquia, the parish church of San Miguel Arcangel, viewed from the roof patioLa Conception, maybe, and aka Las Monjas
The neighborhood, from the roof
I made a plan for the afternoon. I am walking over to the Parque Benito Juarez and then to Parque Guadiana, and then, maybe, stopping at the El Capricho Italiano Pizzeria, on the way home. That place has my favorite pizza in Mexico. Although my standards aren't very high. I haven't been very interested in pizza since I got food poisoned, and briefly hospitalized, from eating Pizza Hut pizza in Puerto Vallarta. But this pizza is excellent. I may have to chose between spending my pesos on plants or pizza. A tough, tough choice.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful town! I love looking at your pictures. It sounds like you are having a wonderful trip.