Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Eagle Feather Fell on Me, a Long Time Ago

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I just read Lost Roses, another garden blog I really enjoy. I found it through Garden Voices. The post I enjoyed the most mentioned bird feathers. Which reminded of an unforgettable (for me anyway) moment in my life.

I was on a kayaking trip in the San Juan's, in Washington State. It was my first time ocean kayaking. I was on a small group, all-woman trip, with a couple of women guides. A very nice set-up. But the day before our trip the bodies of two novice kayakers had washed ashore near where we were camping. That kind of gave me the hee-bee-jee-bees.

Anyway, by the fourth day I was loosening up. I was in the front seat of a two-person sea kayak. The group leader was in the rear seat, and we were just skimming across the seawater, loving the motion, and the sunshine, and were singing along as we flew along. Then, suddenly, something fell in my lap. A feather! The guide, my kayak partner, took a look and signalled all seven kayaks to come in together. And she said my feather was an eagle feather, and that it was a very special thing to have an eagle feather fall in your lap.

I don't know if it's true or not about eagle feathers, but I always feel good when I remember that day.

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LostRoses said...

A gift from the gods according to the American Indians, and it's very good luck! But because of the Eagle Protection Act, you can't even pick up an eagle feather from the ground and keep it without the risk of incurring a $5,000 fine, one year in prison, or both. Wonder if they cover ones falling from the sky? Great story.