Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tropical Storm is Headed This Way

This is a short post. A Tropical Storm, a 3 turning into a 4, is moving up the Pacific Coast of Mexico, headed this way, toward Chacala. It isn't expected to reach this area (or, hopefully, the ocean out west of here) until mid-day Thursday.

No one in Chacala seems to be too worried about the storm, and TV weather says it WILL move out into the ocean, so...... Plus the people who live in Chacala lived thru a doozy in October 2002, so they probably are more comfortable with the idea of a hurricane.

I am anxious about this. One the other hand, there's certainly nothing I can do, except leave, and so far, I don't want to. Besides, my son is arriving tomorrow. He likes the idea of a storm.

And wouldn't you know it, I finally have my potted plants arranged in a very pleasing way, and now it would probably be smart to get them back under at least the protection of the veranda roof. I am not moving them in the house because there are millions of bugs and spiders living with those plants. Ugh.

I am adding this sunset photo, just because I feel like it. Of course, it's nothing compared to the sunset we had tonight.
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LostRoses said...

I hope the tropical storm spares you and your plants! I can imagine that after Hurricane Kenna, the townspeople probably feel anything else nature throws at them is a breeze! Good luck, and keep us posted.

Christine said...

Oooohhh! Pretty.

Robert Brinkmann said...

Good luck! We just missed Ernesto in Florida.