Saturday, August 12, 2006

Attack by the Wild Hummingbirds (and butterflies)

This butterfly looks alot like a local butterfly, although I can't see the red markings this this one.
They are everywhere, especially on one part especially damp part of the paved road.
There are thick clouds of them in the mornings.
You have to cover your head and run them.

Fixed up the hammock again, this time with two back-up ropes on each end. And when I tried it out I put a foam mattress under the hammock, just in chase. But it works fine, and I read for a hour on so, relaxed and comfy. Until two out-of-control hummingbirds decided to battle over the Mandevillea vine right next to the hammock. The coral-red blossoms are beautiful and seem to be especially attractive to the birdies. Especially the hummingbirds.

After my aborted trip to the PV nurseries last week, I got another chance to go to PV yesterday, and got to go to the nursery I hoping to see before. This excursion turned out very well. I got five plants for $110pesos, about $10USD, more or less. And three of the plants were ready to be divided, so I ended up with 3 new Bird of Paradise plants (from one plant), 11 new 4/5" plants (I am going to go see if I can find the official name in my little 3 volume tropical plant library), and 3 cacti, one a really beautiful aloe or agave with a purplish tint. Of course, the purplish tint might be a sign of trouble, but I like how it looks right now.

I got a nice "Comment" on my gardening blog from a woman gardening in Honduras. She has also been looking for people trying to garden in tropical-type climates. She has some nice photos of her garden. I am guessing she must be in the mountains. Of course, I don't even know if there are mountains in Honduras. I am going to read up in my old worn-out Lonely Planet book. Her gardening blog is called La Gringa at

I got a couple of three gallon pots (masetas) yesterday for 12 pesos total. About $1.10 US. These were actual pots, with holes already made. Very upscale, at least for me. I think the girl at the "plastics" store had the price wrong, but she insisted. Okay by me. I will go check another day, just in case it WAS the wrong price.
This looks like my new Plants. Sanservieria?

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Tim said...

Funny story with the "out of control hummingbirds"! I enjoy them myself!