Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Leaving Chacala, Searching for Succulents, Again

I am studying up for another short trip away from home, away from Chacala. I am heading for a suburb of Guadalajara, called Tonala, and then to the northeast to visit some gardeners and maybe purchase some plants. If I can find any succulents to purchase.

I am developing a small list of botanical gardens, and other public gardens, using Google, plus Thorntree and some other message boards. Right now I can researching Cadereyta (spelling) which as a big well-known (but not to me) cactus/succulent garden and nursery called Quinta Schmoll. And there are others.

I found some photos from the Quinta Schmoll garden in Cadereyta, and am still looking for others in the general area of the towns of Queretaro, Aguacalientes,and San Luis Potosi. Plus I am imagining a quick look at Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allenda, just out of curiosity.

I have to remember to bring some big Mexican bags with me, to bring plants home in. They are used for everything around here. They come in all different sizes, made from loosely-woven plastic in colorful plaids and stripes. With handles. I can easily carry six one gallon plants in a larger one. And I can put more delicate plants each in their own smaller bag, and then set a bunch of plants in a bigger bag, all protected. Have to plan ahead when you are travelling by bus and collectivo. No handy backseat or trunk or pickup bed to toss things into on the way home.

I am going out on the veranda to water, and to start some more bougainvillea plants. The starts from a month ago are looking okay and I want to get some more going. I am hoping to plant them across the driveway from the front patio at this house. For a surprise for the owners.

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