Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain, Thunder, Lightning in Chacala

This photo is of a large bouganvillea in front of Isreal and Chata's small rental complex, which is right overlooking the water. Isreal is a gardener for rich homeowners in the area, and Chata runs the rental business and gardens like crazy. She has a beautiful garden, although there has been construction going on next door for months, which kind of ruins the effect. I understand the neighbors are going to fix up the landscaping on their lot when with construction is finished.

Had another all-night rain, lightning and thunder storm last night. Loudest and windiest storm I have seen/heard in Chacala in Didn't end until about 4am, and it's still drizzling now, at noon. Overcast.

Spent the morning removing dead bug bodies from all over the kitchen. They were attracted by the anti-rat light I had left focused on the window the rat came in the other night. Then I composted the blossom leaves that had be blown off all the bouganvilleas, mandevilla, adenium and other blossoming plants on the teraza. And tried to evict the thirty million ants who appear to be tired of the rain, and decided to come into the house this morning. I was been using vinegar water in a spray bottle. It kills on contact and seems to keep them away for a bit.

I am going down to my neighbors to get some Nopali (a cactus) leaves to start my own plants. Apparently you lie them flat on the dirt after the wound is calloused over, and sprinkly a little dirt over them, and they take off. At least that's what Guia says. I was just looking in my PV plant book, and she mentioned the plant is used traditionally as a boundary plant for property lines.
I am picked up some vegetable seeds tomorrow (at least tomatoes and various peppers, and cucumber) and try again to grow veggies. The La Gringo blog inspired me to try again. If she can grow veggies organically in Honduras, I can do it in Mexico. No prob!

I ordered two cheap, used, tropical gardening books from Amazon last week. They are being sent to my son's house, so he can bring them down when he comes in a couple of weeks.

Later. Took a break because a neighbor lady came up with some plant cuttings for me. From an hibiscus plant I had admired at her house a few days ago. Beautiful white with coral centers.

She was wearing the most amazing outfit. Flip-flips, sort striped clown pants, three or four layers of shirts and tops, and on her head, a purple fleece cap holding down a kerchief, to keep the mosquitoes away.
The second the rain stops for a minute, the mosquitoes are out searching for our blood. I love it that I never worry about clothes around here. I just realized I was still wearing the white cotton tee shirt and men's boxer shorts I slept in last night. Who cares. I am more careful if men show up. I have a cover-up long shirt right inside the front door, for those moments.

My neighbor wanted some nasturiums seeds she had seen me bring back from PV a few weeks ago. When I bring back stuff from a shopping trip it's usually in open plastic bags. Some Chacala people on the collectivo from Las Varas like to look thru and see what curiosities I have purchased. My life is (almost an open book around here). I also passed on some plants to her: an Adenium, and some portulacas. Portulacas are a big hit around here. And they seem to grow okay. Blossoms are bright when the sun is out.

I had about 10 pots turned over on their sides to drain the excess standing rainwater out, and she turned them all up again. I think she thought the wind had blown them over last night. I thanked her.


Christine said...

Out here in Kentucky and Ohio, we've found we can get rid of our ants in the house by lining our window sills with flour.
The ants "meet" in one place, near one of the windows, after you do this, and you just make a path through the flour to the outside, so they can march out.

Deborah Midkiff said...

That is a beautiful sunset. Was it taken in Chacala?