Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Search for Succulents, continued

Tomorrow is my bi-monthly trip to Puerto Vallarta. Usually I exchange my English books for credit, get new books,and go grocery shopping. Sometimes I go to artist supply stores/Office Depot for this or that. And I go by the airport to use the ATM, and maybe get a magazine or newspaper in English. The selection get slimmer when it's not tourist season, but it's okay.

But tomorrow the focus will be on visiting plant nurseries. I have been asking around (in person and via message boards) about where nurseries are in the area. And I have a small list. There are some nurseries I am not going to. There are four along the highway between Brucerias and Nuevo Vallarta, and I think maybe they only carry the Big Ten (plants for landscaping). Boring boring. Anyway, I know of one place in Pititall and another in Ixtapa. My plan is to take the bus to those areas and then ask someone, or take a cab. Depending.

I have been looking at websites and studying my three tropical/succulent/etc books. I am really excited. I have been so lucky with plants this last couple of weeks, I hope this will be another good trip.

I can swing this plant trip because I got some cash for my (approaching) birthday. Some will be for plants/taxis. The rest is going into my 'Trips" saving envelope. I am vascillating between saving for a big trip to the Yucatan/Chiapas or settle for now for north-east of Guadalajara.
Have to see which way the wind blows.

It's a perfect day in Chacala. Big, long, loud rain storm last night, and everything green and bursting with growth. Some plants grow a foot or two a day here, easily. Now that the rains have started, all the decidious trees are growing like mad, and the house is starting to feel really private, surrounded by green on three and 1/2 sides. I love it. I am so lucky to live is such a beautiful place. Right now I am looking at the ocean, little glimpses between pieces of laundry hanging on my veranda clothesline.

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