Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here comes the Coral Vine to Chacala

As far as I know this is a Coral Vine,
an Antigonon leopotus although the color seems off.

Now that the rainy season is going full blast the boring old green plants, shrubs, vines and trees are starting strut their stuff and show their blossoms. For the last week the Coral Vine has been crawling all over the tree that grows next to the NW corner of the veranda. During long, dry season the tree is leafless, scraggly, and offers no sound buffer from the noisy neighbors.

But now, the tree is covered with leaves and sweet little yellow button-shaped flowers. And Coral Vine is growning all over it. And the butterflies are all over the blossoms. So it looks incredible. I can lie in the hammock for a hour and never get bored, just watching them flitter around.

The Coral Vine will soon be all over the place in Chacala. It can cover a hundred square feet a day, easy. Very fast growing. And pretty. Of course, it's one of the things that gets hacked away with macheetes, because it's just too agressive.


myahspirit said...

Wow wish I had known that you had more than one blog, I have been readding your blog MY LIFE IN CHACALA for over a year now, I find both of this very intersting, about the life in Chacala, which I am very intersted in.

myahspirit said...

What about tomatoes and some bell peppers have you tried them in your area? Flowers are nice but we would like to raise some Tomatoes and such?