Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Succulents are so Geometrical and Lovely

This photo just knocks me out/over/sideways, whatever. The little plants are so amazing. The color and the pattern of the leaves and the subtle hints of other colors around the edges. And the sweet little blossoms. My heart be still. Just kidding, but I really love the symetrical look of some of these plants.

Tomorow is another tianguis day and I am heading out, looking for plants. It there's nothing to grab me in La Penita I am going further south the Mezcales and try to find that nursery someone on a PV message board mentioned.

Chicho hasn't showed up with my dirt yet, but I expect he will in a bit. I told him anytime in the next couple of days way good.

Concha, a landlady of the Techos de Mexico rentals here in Chacala, is coming up later to share some plants. She likes the Desert Rose and Portulaca. Me to!! And I have enough of them to share. She's a very bright woman, a birdwatcher, and a gardener, and a community activist (for a lack of a better description). Involved in the bibliotecha and community affairs. Her husband, Juan, is the town Juez, a non-paid elected official who is the official contact point for government entities involved with Chacala. And the guy who calls the cops on the bad guys. And they usually come. Not that they actually do anything, but it's a nice gesture.

Anyway, Concha has some lovely plants around her house, and she is always starting new plants and pruning and stuff like that. She has a thunbergia that is huge, all over one side of the house.

I never got out to work on changing the pots around yesterday. Had visitors all day, and people who are planning to come to Chacala for Christmas week seem to have suddenly realized it's almost Labor Day, and they had make make reservations. I have a little rental blog and also help a few of the landladies without email address or English by taking reservations and deposits for them. I got seven emails for Christmas week yesterday. Most of the more affordable places are already taken, but there are still places to stay.

I have been studying my "Tropical Plants" books from Fairchild Botanical Gardens the last few days. And understanding more of what I am reading and seeing now. And recognizing more plants.

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trey said...

I saw mention of a nursery at Garden Voices, and didn’t see it in your blog. You must make that trip “further south than Mezcales and try to find that nursery.” See if you can get some pictures.

myahspirit said...

The picture looks like what we call Hen's and Check"s (baby chickens) Glad to see they do grow there.