Sunday, February 25, 2007

Succulent Garden in Chacala

I worked on my new little Chacala garden space early this morning, before the sun got too high in the sky. Yesterday I stayed out too long, until about 10am, and got too hot and too much sun.But this morning I worked from about 6:30-8:30am and then was pretty much finished. Except for watering in my new plants. I had to wait about an hour for the town water to come on. Sat around with some neighbors, waiting for the water to come on, and talked about this and that.I am kind of worried about maybe there being too much sun this summer, and too much rain for these plants. I am picturing everything being washed away during one of the nightly gullywashers in August and September. I guess all gardens are just experiments, so I will just wait and see.My favorite succulent from San Miguel is this one with sort of flat, paddle-like leaves with red edges. It's kind of in the center of this photo. It has some pups coming up from the base. I am going to wait until the plant seems established before I separate the babies.The plants in this new little garden are mostly cutting grown from the succulent plant I bought in San Miguel last October. Cuttings really do well here. Everything grows very quickly.I am intending to terrace off the rest of this little hillside, and to fill it with portulaca, and other drooping plants. But I have to wait to get more dirt. And some gloves.Frederick, who is helping Aurora re-build a garden retaining wall I built a few years ago, got a scorpion bite on his finger yesterday morning, while he was moving rocks for the wall. So I am especially worred about scorpions these days. It was a very minor bite, but it's still scary.My Desert Roses seem to be in trouble. Some of the leaves are yellowing and discoloring. I am changing their pots and dirt, and hoping that helps. And fertilizing. Some the little ones are going directly in the ground. I am curious about how they will do.I haven't planted very many plants directly in the dirt here. But the bouganvilleas and other plants I put in the ground at Aurora's two years ago are mostly looking great, so we'll see. Many gardener here have their plants only in pots. I can't figure out how people decided how to plant things: in a pot, or the dirt. I guess I will keep experimenting.


Anonymous said...

This article has given me some very good ideas on what to do with my garden in Honduras. We are building on a slope, and one of the questions has been, "what are we going to do with all those rocks. And, what can I do to slow the water down. I now have a good idea on how to answer both questions.


Anonymous said...

What a good start on the new garden! I expect that the plants you have will fill the whole bed in quite quickly. If you haven't already, I suggest mulching everything -- nothing fancy, just dry leaves, maybe ground or shredded up a bit (for example, by rubbing them through coarse metal grating). That will help stabilize the plants against washing away until they're well-rooted (and of course protect the roots from strong sun).