Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back into the Gardening Groove, in Chacala

I think I am back into gardening mode again, finally. I have been keeping things alive, but doing only a few gardening tasks, ever since I moved back here to Dona Lupe's in early November. My level of enthusiasm for gardening has been pretty low. Don't know why.But the last few days I am getting back in the gardening groove. It’s partly because of Sheri, a landscape gardener and small nursery owner is here, at Aurora’s. Looking at the photos of her garden got me back in the mood. Very inspiring. And now her lovely son is here too. He propagaes succulents (among other things) at the families nursery/landscaping business. So I have a chance to learn alot.I have just started doing lots of leaf and stem cuttings. Of succulents mostly. I am going to ask Fred for a critique of my sloppy propagating method tomorrow.This morning I did some gardenia cuttings. They are blooming now. I think there are about fifty blossoming getting ready to bloom now. They smell so wonderful.Actually, I don’t think they are really gardenias. I think they are Mock Gardenias, (Tabernaemontana divarticata). The roots are supposed to be poisonous, which I will keep in mind, just in case I have some poisoning to do.And I tried doing some cutting of Plumbago (Plumbago capensis) , which have blue flowers, and seem to bloom almost continuously around here. I grew plants from cuttings from this plast last year, and they did okay, so I will see.I am doing some dividing too, the Sanservieria (Sanservieria trifasciata) really grows quickly here, and sends up shoots quickly too. I am imagining I will put them all along the walkway up to the house here. Right now I only have three plants, but I will have more soon.

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ericat said...

I did not know there was a mock gardenia. They do smell so nice. Mine died in one of our water restriction episodes. Pity as that was an old tree. Water is really getting to be scarce over here in south africa. Cape Town is expanding like all cities and the water is not getting more. I see you are also into the more hardy plants. Enjoy gardening and vist me some time.