Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cacti in My Chacala Backyard

This morning I transplanted a new plant Sheri brought me at the nursery in La Penita yesterday. It's a form of portulaca and I love it. She is going to show me how to make cuttings later today.And I set out some more cuttings from some other succulent piece s I had left out overnight so their raw cuts would dry out some.I have been interested in the Nopal plant that grows all over Chacala. One of the hundred's of varieties of Nopal is supposed to be helpful for diabetes, but I don't know which one, and neither does anyone else around here. As far as I know.
Then I started searching around the back of the house, hoping to find a piece of piece to use askind of a curtian rod. The area behind the house is about 50 fifty wide and maybe 80 feet deep and is very overgrown and has alot of junk lying around.I hadn't walked to the back of the lot before, mostly because I am afraid I will step on something unfriendly. But this morning my curiosity overcame my fear, and I walked to the stone fence at the back of the property. There was a large Nopal back there covered with blossomed. I think it's the first time of have seen these blossoms, and I love them. I tiptoed back through the leaves and branches and got my camera. I still have figured out how to take close-ups of the blossoms. But tonight I am going to read the manual again, so we'll see. Maybe I will figure it out.

I brought Sheri over to look at the cacti, and she pointed out all the pieces which had fallen to the ground seemed to have rooted themselves. I am going back out there later with my trowel to dig some up and transplant them out in front of the house.