Saturday, February 03, 2007

In Front on My Garden, in Chacala

This morning, I ran down to the one paved road in Chacala, to turn off the faucet that delivers town water to my home. This guy and his horse were going by. He takes care of the cattle up in the mountains behind Chacala. I think Saturday afternoon is the start of his weekend, because he rides by every Saturday. After I turned on the water I started back up the stairs to the house, and was amazed to see this flower. I am sure it wasn't blossoming yesterday. At least, I am pretty sure it wasn't blossoming in the morning yesterday. I don't know what it is but it's very beautiful.The plant has about seven shoots at its base. I am going to ask my landlady if I can try to dig up some cuttings after the blossom dies. It's a lovely blossom and it would be great for have some more plants. There are two of these plants here already, and I would like to have more. I don't know if they blossom more than once a year.

We just had rain two times over the past three weeks, which is very unusual here this time of year. I have noticed that a number of trees are blossoming right now, out of season. I am struggling with how to arrange my plants at this house. I am hoping my landlady, Dona Lupe and I can make a small plan. So I can have an area to myself, with no help from my landlady's husband. When he's drunk or feeling guilty for being drunk, he destroys whatever plants catch his eye, so I am wanting a separate place he won't fool with. I am pretty sure Dona Lupe and I can work out a plan.I have too many plant starts right now, and no place ready to plant them. I am feeling kind of anxious about not being able to come put with a vision for the space. Luckily, a garden designer, Sheri Merciaro, from Oakland CA is in Chacala right now. I am hoping she will help me figure out a scheme. She has wonderful photos of the work she has done, and it's very inspiring. And kind is discouraging. But, whatever.

When I get back to the house after interneting, I am going to separate some of the starts into little pots, and then plant Coleus seeds. They are considered kind of special in Chacala, and make nice presents.

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