Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Little Friend for La Gringo's Rooster

I have been following La Gringa's adventures with her chickens. I noticed her cocky little rooster wouldn't stand a chance against some of Chacala's roosters. Some of the roosters here are breed to be fighter's, for cock fights. And some are pretty big.But this guy is just one of the the neighborhood's loudest crowers. He's not so big, but I think he's really pretty.The dogs around Chacala are amazingly placid. I have seen a line of chicks run right over a dog lying on the dirt road. Sleeping in the sun. And cats like to perch on the big dogs as the are lying on the road.

I have the feeling that agressive dogs in Chacala are dealt with when they are young. There are dogs that bark in the night, watchdogs, but otherwise you rarely see an agressive dog around here. And if a dog annoys someone too much, poison seems to be the solution of choice. A big dog was recently poisoned here. No one seemed to be sad to see him go.

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La Gringa said...

That is a pretty rooster. Ramón is just starting to get his long feathers and I hope he turns out as pretty as this one.

Have you gotten used to the roosters crowing? Ramón's crowing doesn't bother me at all. I really like hearing it, actually.