Friday, October 13, 2006

Poison Plants in Chacala, Just What I Need

In my memory all the plants, shrubs, and trees in Chacala start blossoming as soon as the rainy seasons starts. But it hasn't been that way this year, and I was starting to think my feeble memory was playing tricks on me. That's because this year the only two consistent blossomers all summer have been the Coral Vine and yellow blossoms on a smaller shrub that I don't know the name of.But finally, a few days ago, I saw two more plants are now blossoming. One was a red blossom on a tree. It didn't look familiar to me. Then I realized there were actually quite a few plants with blossoms that I hadn't noticed. Not like the showy display I was remembering. But still, nice blossoms.And then yesterday Aurora, Beto, and I were walking down the paved road, transporting my old, and now, Aurora's new, plants to their new home. I pointed out the red blossoms, and asked what they were called. Beto said (I think) that the red blossoms were on a vine, not on the tree. And that the vine would eventually kill the tree. As he said that, we were walking past a strangler vine that had encircled and engorged a palm. I said, "like that one?" And I think he said, "No", that the vine kills with some kind of poison.I am going to look into that because it's a new one for me. And besides, it might be nice to have a handy source of poison around the house. You never know when you might need some.

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Kati said...

Oh, Good! I was a little worried the other day when I was looking for the "doll's eyes" plant in my woods and thought maybe I was being too "agatha christie" about my interest in poisonous plants. So very glad to hear someone else can see how valuable it might be to know where to get one's hands on a poisonous plant, heh heh heh!