Sunday, October 29, 2006

Packing up My Stuff

Mid-November I will be moving to my winter abode here in Chacala. I am feeling kind of anxious about packing up, and leaving the house just like it was when the owners left six months ago. This house is alway clean and tidy, but it's different when the owner is coming back after six or seven months. Especially in a buggy, insect-filled environment with endless windy rainstorms and a leaky roof.

Today I brought my rolling suitcases upstairs from the bodega/storeroom, and started thinking about making some kind of order out of my moving process. Which I did, I think.

But now, I am sidetracked. I got into taking peculiar (not on purpose) photos of some my my stuff. I have a few favorite things besides plants. Including my gardening tools: clippers, pruners, and a trowel.And some of my artsy-crafty stuff.And my four favorite books. (Actually I also have some learning Spanish books too, but they are definitely not my favorite books.)And a little dish of playthings for visiting kids.
And some of my favorite pieces of fabric.And my most valuable possession, my trusty Apple iBookG4. I I haven't figured out how to take a picture of the camera. Oh, I could take a picture of it, post it on the ocmputer, and then take a picture of the picture of the camera on the computer. Totally ridiculous. In fact, this whole post is ridiculous, but it was fun doing it.

It's kind of a relief to see the sum total of my possession in one place. I don't have that much stuff. In my mind I had collected truckloads of miscellaneous whatever. But really, it's not that bad. Especially with alot of the plants gone.


Brenda said...

Take a picture looking into a mirror. LOL, then you will have a picture of the camera. Your idea of taking a picture of the camera and then putting it on the computer still brings you back to the same question--how to take a picture of the camera. LOL when you have the mirror photo, then you can crop out everything but the camera. Pretty funny post.

Deborah Midkiff said...

I don't think that your post is ridiculous at all. I find it quite enjoyable and a bit amusing. Please don't stop posting these humorous blogs. They put a smile on my face.