Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Garden Blogger Book Club?

I'm not sure what's happening with the Garden Blogger Book Club, but here are some of my favorite books. Favorite because they are the only books I have right now.

#1 Extra Virgin, Annie Hawes, Harper/Collins, 2001 This the story of a woman exploring a new culture, including gardening in a somewhat primitive rural lifestyle in Italy. It sounds hokey, etc, but it's a wonderful book about trying to understand a different culture, to estalbish relationships, and build a very basic home in the countryside. It's not a "How I Built a House in Italy for Only 500,000USD" kind of book.

#2 is Tropical Gardening, David Bar-Zvi, Fairchild Tropical Center, Pantheon Books/Knof Publishing, 1996 Another excellent reference book for identifying and growing tropicals.

#3 Cacti and Succulents Hans Hecht, Sterling Publishing NY 1994 Excellent photographs and information for identifying and growing succulents, including cacti#4 Ornamental Plants and Flowers of Tropical Mexico, 2006, Puerto Vallarta.
Not a botantist, the author, Linda Abbott Trapp offers photos and descriptions of almost all the popular plants, shrubs, trees, and vines grown in the Puerto Vallara area. (Conact me for information about purchasing a copy)

#5 Paraiso Mexicano, Gardens, Landscapes, and Mexican Soul,
by Marie-Pierre Colle
Clarkson/Potter, NY 2002
A book of photographs and descriptions of gardens in all climates of Mexico. Every inspiring for me.

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Carol said...

Hi from the book club. I got your book suggestions and will add them to the list. I also posted a few days ago on the the selection of a book for November... The Essential Earthman by Henry Mitchell. Check out my blog from a few days back for more info.