Thursday, October 05, 2006

Home is the (Plant) Hunter, Home From the Hills, of SMA

I was so happy to get home to Chacala after a lovely week in San Miguel de Allende. Plus two somewhat horrible days, and a night, on the autobus. Going to the Frontera, Reynosa, for my visa, and then home. Never again. I am flying next time, no matter what! I hope.

I was greeted my some of my favorite trees. Well, it felt like they were greating me. And the beach was perfect. No people, for one thing. I couldn't slept when I got home, and ended up walking around town, seeing what's what.

I planted my new plants here at home, at dawn. I wanted to get them out of their wrappings.
I don't have enough pots right now, and no money to buy some. But in a couple of weeks I will be able to buy some more buckets and move things around a bit. For the moment, alot of the new plants are stuck in plants with other plants, temporarily.

Some of the plants were somewhat worse for wear, after more than two days on the bus, wrapped in paper with a little dirt, and crammed in a cardboard carton, tied with green rope. Green seemed more garden-y than yellow or red. The bigger ones were in a big woven plastic blosa, also wrapped in paper, with cardboard tubes for protection. They seemed to be okay.I left the plants at the Luggage Storage place at the Monterrey bus station. When I told the lady what was in the box and bag she offered to water them. Which was very nice, but I was afraid to try to put dripping containers into the under-the-bus luggage storage went I got back from the border.Berta had taken great care of the plants, even though the solar operated water pump for the house went out on the 3rd day (well, during an exceptional lightning storm during the night, apparently). She had to bucket water out of the shoulder-high tinaco, and I really appreciate what she did. Not an easily task, carrying bucketful of water from the yard, thru the house, and out onto the veranda, after dipping them into a tank almost over your head.
The Desert Roses looked wonderful, all of them blooming, and some covered with blossoms. Plus Berta had Juan spray (a mixed blessing for me) the Hisbiscus plants, and they also looked great. Ten blossoms on one plant. Right now it's noon, and I am hoping the town water will come on today, so I can fill all my buckets and water the plants, and take a hose shower.


Teo said...

Glad you're back home, safe and sound. I've really enjoyed your trip notes.

Good luck with getting all your new babies repotted.

One small question: why did you
have to get a visa to get back from

Gardener in Mexico said...

Tourist visas are only good for 180 days at a time. And it was time to get a new one. San Miguel is half-way to the border from Chacala, so it was short of convenient to combine trips.

Carol said...

Sounds like you had quite an adventerous trip! What we will do for plants...

Deborah Midkiff said...

Welcome home! It sounds like you had quite an adventure. I took a bus once all the way from WA to CA. It was a miserable trip and vowed to never do it again! 36 hours on a bus is way too long. You managed to get your pretty plants home in one piece, though, by judging from your photos. They look quite content to share the bucket, for now. Rest up and relax... you've deserved it!