Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Little Chacala Vivero

When I returned my visit to the nurseries/viveros of San Miguel de Allende, I didn't have enough pots for the new plants I brought home with me. So a lot of the smaller plants, plus some cuttings I got in SMA, ended up in crowded into buckets. But soon I will (I hope) get some of my buckets back from the Plant Giveway. And I still have two gunny sacks full of very nice soil. Then I will be able to sort things out a little better. The bucket below has a oleander cutting stuck in it. It doesn't seem to be bothering the other plants. At least not so far.
I am still out of English-language fiction books, with which I like to mindlessly fritter away my evenings. So I am still reading and re-reading my two books about Succulents and various other Tropicals. There is so much to learn. I get nervous when I read the Garden Message Boards. Those people know so much more than I do, I feel like an idiot when I read some of the things they write about.These two trays the last of my babies, the rest have moved onto other gardens or other pots here at home.

I keep forgoting to move these trays back from under the drip-line from the veranda roof.
We are now waiting out Hurricane Paul, our third or fourth Hurricane/Tropical Storm alert this season. Last night the Harbor Master had all the fisherman move their boats out of the water, just in case. The remmants the boats destroyed by Hurricane Kenna, in late 2003, are still scattered around the town. Some are still being repaired or rebuilt or salvaged, even today. Some of them are just relaxing in the weeds.

Paul seems to be even with us right now, latitude-wise, but is so far out in the Pacific Ocean the expectation, last I checked, was it would hit lower Baja Califoria and then Sinoloa/ Matzatlan. But you knever know until it actually happens.

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ladyluz said...

Lovely to see all your familiar succulent plants and found your blog very endearing. I could relate to so much - learning Spanish, running out of English language books, the vagaries of the weather (though not as traumatic as in your area) and especially being overwhelmed by other knowledgable garden blogs.

I love those gingers in your other post - must have a go at them here. I believe a fresh bit of ginger has to be soaked first. Is that right?