Friday, October 20, 2006

Marta's Hidden Garden in Chacala

I am amazed at how many thinge I haven't noticed around town in my three years here. But, there are more than 150 shelters, homes, palapas, casitas, and other places where people live in Chacala. Not counting the gated community. And it's easier than you would think to miss a spot where someone is living. Or, in this case, gardening.

A few days ago I was hanging around Juan's tienda, waiting for the collectivo. I started taking pictures of the flowers at the little Tres Mars restaurant. Tres Mars is one of my favorite restaurants in Chacala.Marcella, granddaughter of Marta and owner of her own beverage and snack tienda.
And I ended up walking around the back, in the company of Marcella, the granddaughter of the owner, Marta. The garden beside and behind the house is bigger than I imagined. A small arroyo runs thru the garden, which must flood occasionally. I am going back to look around when it's raining.This is Marta, of Tres Mars Restaurant
There were alot of plants back there I had never noticed before. Bamboo, for one. A very large clump of what must be a clumping variety, because it didn't appear to be spreading. There were also some tall flower plants and lots of plants in buckets.
Most of the garden is around to the right of the house, but there are a number of flower pots on along the wall to the left too. Marta also has a lovely little shrine on the front wall of her new yellow houseThe front wall of restaurant, which is a section of chain-link fence is almost totally covered by flowers and vines. Which are also creeping up onto the roof. This restaurant was constructed about a year and a half ago, after the owner's of the parking lot where the restaurant was previously kicked them out. Or at least that's what people said. So Martine and whoever, built this new, and much nicer double palapla with brick floor. It's a nice restaurant with good food and a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

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