Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Swamp Boat Ride Remarks

I had been hearing about the Tovara boat ride for four years, and somehow it never seemed like something I particularly wanted to do. But I'm really glad I went. We drove north about an hour and a half, and stopped at Matanchen, a famous surfing, and where the Boat ride starts.But lately someone mentioned the birds, turtles, and flowers along the bank of the "swamp" or whatever it was. So when my nice neighbors invited me along, I went with then, and it turned out to be a great day.These photos are some of the things I saw. The weather was perfect.The sun was blocked by the trees most of the time. Good thing, because my umbrella didn't appreciate the breezy ride. It turned inside out, and finally semi-disinegrated. The boat ride was worth it though.

We saw three or four crocodiles sunbathing in the water as we headed for the Crocodile Center (or whatever it's called). Then there were lots more at the center, all sizes and ages. It was kind of sad, really.There were epiphytes in lots of the trees.And Criniums growing in the dirt and directly in a water almost the whole trip.And lots of big turtlesAnd birdsEven the banos had nice landscaping, and were clean, with a very nice attendant selling toilet paper and candy.

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