Sunday, May 13, 2007

From Chacala to La Laguna and St.Maria del Oro

Today I got to go on another day trip, with some nice folks who are visiting Chacala and have a rental car. We went to La Laguna, a small town, and a lake called St. Maria del Oro. It's about two hours north and east of Chacala, on the way to Guadalajara. Nice quick ride, most of it on a toll road. I am not used to being in an air-conditioned car, but otherwise it was a nice ride.

There were lots of succulents in at the St.Maria del Oro camping place, called Koala. They were all around the camping area's refreshment stand.And a nice stand of very thick bamboo.And lots of beautiful trees.Including some Jacaranda's, which seem to be blooming for an extended period in this area. At least two or three months so far.The lake is set in a volcanic crater, and you reach it by driving down a step road to the lake. Which I didn't much care for. After visiting the lake we had lunch at a nice little restuarant across the street from a church.
And the church had a lovely courtyard.And there was a row of orange trees along the street.I loved seeing all the healthy succulents and the bamboo. I would have liked to visit with the gardener, but we were only there for a few minutes. It was a nice trip though, and I liked the town of La Laguna. But it's another tourist town, so it's not a possible alternate living location for me. Oh well.

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