Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bird Nests and Jasmine, in Chacala

In February some friends of mine were leaving Chacala after a two month stay. I am babysitting their two clay pots, and their jasmine plant. The jasmine is growing so quickly I had to take it out of the clay pot, and put it in the ground. It's growing like crazy and covered with blossoms.
A few days ago a couple of small birds came zooming out of the entryway of the downstairs unit here where I live. I looked up and saw there were two bird nest mudded to the wall, up near the ceiling. Two little heads were peeking out.I have to include another shot of my very favorite plant, the Desert Rose, Adenium Obesum.

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Tom said...

You're lucky to have the swallows, as they eat their own weight in bugs every day.

I love the Desert Rose too. It always reminds me of Bonsai plants.